Accounting and Reporting

Know your numbers

in order to make the right business decisions

After all the bookkeeping and reconciliations are done for the month, now what? Time to analyze the data. Our licensed Enrolled Agent reviews your reports and looks for items that could have been missed or potential tax write-offs. We communicate each month with you after our review, asking questions so that we are accurately reporting the numbers to you. This ensures quality reporting. We also alert you if you need to send in some estimated taxes.


We provide the reports you need to run your business and can even customize reports for you. Profit & Loss Statements, Balance Sheet, Prior Year Comparison, Month to Month Profit & Expenses, Etc…

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Our expertise is sure to impress. We are dedicated to providing the best personal service. You don’t get a call line here, you get a team of individuals who are ready to help you worry less and focus on your business more. Contact us today to learn more or start a service!

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    Christa Aiani

    Christa Aiani

    Christa Aiani is a Federal licensed Enrolled Agent tax professional and the owner of CAEA TAX & ACCOUNTING. She has been helping small business achieve their financial goals through tax planning strategy and organization for over 15 years.

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